[GRAFFIX] SSP塗鴉導賞及工作坊 Streetart Tour & Workshop

Graffiti tour(internal)



GRAFFIX團隊將會同你係香港體驗塗鴉文化,第一站探索香港最地道最raw嘅深水埗,感受下比塗鴉藝術粉飾後嘅本土社區,第二站就會向全港最大型嘅塗鴉工作室創辦人Pantone C 學整專屬於你嘅塗鴉圖案,試試親手噴牆~過程當然唔少得響深水埗特色咖啡店嘆番杯咖啡!



日期:星期六/日 (公眾)
星期一/四 (學生團)
時間:3:30pm – 7:00pm (公眾)3.5 小時
1:00pm- 4:30pm(學生團)3.5小時 (私人預約)

- 簡述街頭藝術嘅歷史,介紹主要嘅塗鴉媒介等等
- 穿梭汝州街,大南街同基隆街,探索各國街頭藝術家嘅塗鴉,了解佢哋嘅作品風格
- 黃昏時段享受深水埗嘅特色咖啡店
- 前往香港街頭藝術家 Pantone C 嘅 Grafitti Studio 工作坊,設計自己嘅塗鴉!

快啲上 呢度 報名,或者 call:+852 96259685,到時見!

Grafitti Workshop_004




Pantone C -香港塗鴉Workshop 始創人 


Pantone C 鑽研街頭藝術超過十年。2006-2007 在墨爾本大學修讀城市藝術課程,並於2012 年獲得香港中文大學美術文憑。現在Pantone C 全職在香港拓展及教授街頭藝術。

主要合作品牌有:Mini-Cooper, Converse, GEOX, Maybelline, Towngas, APM 同 K11。

TheHKWALLS05Cosmopolitan does not even come close to describe the unique world of urban lifestyle in Hong Kong, a mixture of busy metropolitan lifestyle and pop art culture. If you are still thinking that art is bounded by frame in galleries, oh how you have mistaken. Be prepared for we are about to take you to Hong Kong alleyway and hidden streets to appreciate an alternative aestheticism.

Our tour travels through Sham Shui Po. You will experience a mixture of Hong Kong classic and modern urban art influenced by pop culture.  Complimented drinks at local cafe along the way.


Tour sights and agenda:

Date: Sat / Sun (Public) and Mon / Thur (Student Tour)
Time: 3:30pm – 7:00pm (Public) 3.5 hours
1:00pm – 4:30pm (Student Tour) 3.5 hours (On Private Request)

Language: English and Chinese

We will wander through Yu Chau Street, Tai Nan Street and Ki Lung Street to witness a variety of global street works and styles. Guided by our passionate artist, you will have the chance to learn stories of Street Art, how did it influence our culture and the creative process behind those artworks.

We will make a break at a stylish cafe around the corner. Then we will joined up by local street artist Pantone C and wrap up our experience in a street art workshop.

Register here or call us for private booking:+852 96259685, see you soon!

Our Partner:

Pantone C begun his journey in contemporary urban art in 2000. In 2006-2007, he learned advanced urban art & skill at the mecca of urban art – Melbourne, Australia. In 2012, he received his Diploma of Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. With over 10 years of experience, it is no surprise that his clienteles include high end brands such as Mini-Cooper, Converse, GEOX, Maybelline, Towngas, APM and K11. He is the pioneer of Moss art in Hong Kong and currently teaching and organising urban related project in Hong Kong.